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You may die of a misprint.

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GDPR and our updated privacy policy

The responsible party for GDPR is: Polymorphy, Jahnstr. 35, D-92637 Weiden, Germany

Your rights:
• Inquire about your personal information which are saved by us and how we process them
• Correction of wrong personal date
• Deleting the saved information about you
• Limitation of data processing as long as we can not delete your data according to local legislative obligations
• To raise objection against our processing your personal information or
• data transferability when you have consented to our processing your information or contracted with us

You can withdraw from your consent to our processing your data any time.

For complaints about violating your rights, you can contact the German regulatory authorities listed under: https://www.bfdi.bund.de/DE/Infothek/Anschriften_Links/anschriften_links-node.html"

Why we process your data or pass your information to the thrid party:
We process your personal information only for the purposes named in this document. Otherwise for fulfilling a contract, we’ll not pass your information to a third party. Your information are shared with a third party only when:
• you’ve given us your explicit consent
• for processing your orders and fulfilling a contract
• for processing and meeting legal obligations.
Deleting and blocking information
We keep your information as long as we require them for fulfilling the purposes named in this document or as long as we are legally obliged to. After expiry of any of the named purposes, your information would be (as legally required) blocked or deleted.

Information collection when you visit our websites
When you visit our websites, some general information are automatically collected with a cookie. These information (server logfiles) include the web browser, the operating system, the domain name of your internet service provider and so on. These are information that could not be personally directed to you.

These are necessary information for web browsing and are required technically for:
• to guarantee a safe connection of the websites
• to guarantee a smooth browsing of our websites (no hick-ups)
• evaluation of the safety and stability of the system
• for further administrative purposes

Collection of the above information is only for the named purposes and not for tracking you back. The data is collected only by responsible persons and contract partner.

The anonymous information collected in this way is only statistically used to improve the stability and usability of our internet presence.

Services which are liable to charges
For chargeable services such as fulfilling your orders, we’ll need additional information such as paying methods or your account details. These information are saved by us as long as the mandatory period for saving data is over.

Updating our data privacy policy

We may update this privacy policy from time to time in order to reflect changes to our operations or assure a compliant privacy policy. We recommend reviewing our privacy policy occasionally to be informed about the latest updates.

Questions about the data protection:
In case of any questions about the privacy policy and the data we collect please contact us per email:
Responsible person for data protection:
Dr. Elham Eghbali
Polymorphy, Jahnstr. 35, D-92637 Weiden, Germany

Contact: info@polymorphy.de